Company Contact // Hella Good Records

PH: 1-800-281-3017


Custom Music Contact // Bad Ass Music Inc

PH: 1-310-439-2546


Licensing //

Inside the U.S.:

Hella Good Records or Superfly Audio Licensing information 1-310-439-2546


Outside the U.S.:

Email us for your country's licensing agent information.


Artist Submissions //

I'm sorry we do not accept unsolicited MP3s through email anymore however, you may email us a LINK to your site where we can preview your music.

***We do not accept albums without instrumental TV mixes (mixes without vocals) of your songs so please let us know if you have them.***

Please be advised that just because you submit music does not guarantee you will be signed to Hella Good Records.  We carefully screen every artist submission and sign only those that we feel will meet our criteria, the needs of our clients, and have the greatest synch licensing potential.  Don't take it personally, we're not American Idol judges...